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Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) is the number one occupational disease in the U.S. and Canada. To combat it, you need access to industry leading tools to help with prevention. Honeywell Howard Leight's publications will help you take hearing conservation to the next level.

NIHL is the Most Common Permanent and Preventable Occupational Injury

Unlike most injuries, it's difficult to tell when you've been affected by NIHL because it's painless and progressive and yet is 100% preventable. Here is how you can educate your employees on how to prevent hearing loss at work and at home.

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    Shaw Industries Case Study

    VeriPRO® ear plug fit testing “represents an on-going investment in workers and their personal safety

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    Double Hearing Protection

    How much noise protection can we expect from dual protection?

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    Arc Flash Protection

    What requirements must a hearing protector meet for arc flash protection?

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Know the Noise Hazards in Your Work Environment

With a wide variety of noise levels in the workplace, know what to expect and how to protect yourself against hearing loss.

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    Construction and Noise

    Construction workers experience the second highest rate of occupational exposure to noise.

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    Industry Noise Hazards

    Over 1.6 million workers are in the Food & Beverage industry. Take necessary steps for hearing loss prevention.

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    Manufacturing and Noise

    Hearing loss is manufacturing’s top recorded occupational illness. Protect your workers.

Help your Team Understand the Importance of Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL)

Download our educational tools for your workplace

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    Noise Thermometer

    Every day noises at home and play are often as dangerous as workplace sound. Our Noise Thermometer ranks the dangers to your hearing.

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    The Invisible Hazard of NIHL

    Unlike most injuries, it’s difficult to tell when you’ve been affected by NIHL because it’s painless and progressive.

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    OSHA Noise Exposure

    Occupational Noise Exposure Standard and Hearing Conservation Amendment.

Discover our Videos

From Videos, Product Guides, and How to Properly Wear a Hearing Protection Device, Honeywell Howard Leight is your Hearing Loss Prevention Expert. Learn more about our new hearing solutions by clicking here.

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    Care and Maintenance

    Learn how to take care of your Howard Leight earplugs and earmuffs.

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    Product Portfolio

    Designed with you in mind, you will find an assortment of hearing protection device solutions.

  • Earplug Fix-a-Fit

    Take the time to find the proper earplug style and fit that will provide adequate protection.

  • Protect Your Workers' Hearing

    Check out the video to learn how you can help workers take care of their hearing.

  • Future of Hearing at Honeywell

    What does the future of hearing conservation hold? Learn about new disruptive technologies Honeywell is working on.

  • Take Care of Your Hearing

    Permanent hearing damage is more than a loss of hearing. Watch how exposure to just one extremely-high impulse sound can be life changing.

Regulations, Organizations, and Groups

Learn more about what you can do to implement a hearing conservation program that puts people first from the below information.

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