You’re sure to know the dangers of Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL). After all, it’s the most prevalent industrial disease in the world. But it’s also one of the hardest to spot because it affects different people at different rates. So effective prevention of NIHL depends on tailoring the protection to the individual. Sign-up for a Live Training here.

Now You Can See Exactly What They’re Hearing

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  • Every worker is unique, and so is their hearing. By continuously monitoring an individual’s noise exposure, you can personalize hearing protection and proactively address hearing loss prevention.

    The new VeriShield Smart Hearing Solution offers a mobile monitoring app and web portal so you can see exactly what your workers are hearing. Together with the new range of VeriShield 300 Series headsets, personalized protection in any environment is now a reality.

Choosing the Right Hearing Protection

Understand the importance of noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) and how to personalize your hearing loss prevention program.

  • NIHL and The Importance of Personalization

    Understand the causes and consequences of NIHL.

  • Trends

    Personalized Hearing Conservation at Work

    Why does it matter and how can one achieve it?

Solutions They Will Want To Wear

Occupational NIHL is something you need to be aware of, protect against and monitor at all times. VeriShield™ Smart Hearing Solution makes that possible – and easy – because now you can see exactly what your workers are hearing.

A new hearing conservation solution that provides:

  • A continuous personal noise exposure monitoring solution
  • Real-time visibility of individual workers’ actual noise exposure and protection levels
  • Web and mobile app data services are wirelessly linked
  • Improved detection with a proactive approach

Who is an ideal fit for the VSHS solution? Workers who are:

  • Exposed to high noise levels
  • Work in a changing and unpredictable noise environment or variety of noise environments
  • Have recorded hearing damage
  • Wearing hearing protection and still experiencing standard threshold shifts (STS)

Hearing Conservation, Let’s Make It Personal

Occupational noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) has long been a serious risk for workers and a major challenge for safety professionals. To improve safety metrics, the importance of understanding NIHL is greater than ever, as is the awareness for protection to be personalized if it is to be truly effective.

Occupational NIHL

Personalization can help you protect your workers and business against NIHL in 3 ways

Personalize Hearing Protection

Know the 4 reasons why now is the time to personalize your protection.

Sound vs. Noise

Learn the difference between sound and noise, and the impact on your hearing.

See What They’re Hearing

Future of Hearing at Honeywell

How to Run a Personalized Hearing Loss Prevention Program

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