Safety footwear must primarily assist in two ways. Firstly, they should protect the feet from injury. Secondly, they should protect the wearer’s natural walking motion, so they can be worn comfortably all day long. The Honeywell Ultimate Footwear range uses a unique wave concept which aims to provide a smooth, effortless motion, and protection that flows around the foot from heel to toe.

The Ultimate Footwear Range

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  • Different industries and applications demand different requirements of safety footwear. Different workers require different styles or fittings. And varying budgets can influence choices for what people wear.

    The Honeywell Ultimate Footwear Range offers a full range of entry-level or premium safety footwear to suit your budget. All products in the range provide an array of protective qualities, plus optimum comfort, in a wide variety of styles. Download the Range Brochure for details of Honeywell Ultimate Footwear.

Protection: Why and How?

Assessing the hazards and choosing the right footwear to protect against them.

  • Safety Footwear Risk Report

    Think you know the dangers of wearing incorrect types of footwear? From slips, trips and falls to musculoskeletal disorders, inappropriate footwear poses a range of risks to health and productivity.

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    Selection e-Guide for Safety Managers

    Choosing the right footwear to meet your requirements is not always easy. Ensure your workers have optimum protection with this essential selection e-Guide.

Take steps to protect your workers with Honeywell Ultimate Footwear

Safety should start from the ground up. Proper protective footwear for your workers can not only keep them safe from injury, but also protect them against musculoskeletal disorders, and increase their productivity. Discover more about the risks, problems and solutions and learn what you need to pay attention to in order to select the most appropriate safety footwear for your workforce.

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    Foot Injury Facts

    Learn the frightening statistics about the injuries that unprotected feet can encounter.

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    Check Your Protection

    Use this risk assessment checklist to ensure your workers have adequate foot protection.

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    Safety Do’s and Don’ts

    Understand the common mistakes and learn about best practice.

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