You’re sure to know the dangers of Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL). After all, it remains the most common permanent and preventable occupational injury. Unlike most injuries, it’s difficult to tell when you’ve been impacted as it is painless and progressive. Prevention depends on tailoring the protection to the individual.

Making Comfort Personal

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  • Hearing protection equipment is only effective if it’s used, so comfort for long wear periods is essential.

    The NEW VeriShield™ 100 Series Passive Earmuffs are designed to comfortably fit a wide range of head sizes, have a wide cup opening with memory foam ear cushions, and a lightweight cushioned headband. This combination of comfort and reliable protection provides workers with a hearing solution they will want to wear.

Assess The Risk

Learn to assess the risks and choose the right hearing protection devices for your workers.

  • Causes, Consequences, & Costs of NIHL

    Gain greater awareness of the risks associated with occupational noise, their causes, risks it poses, and strategies for mitigating it.

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    4-Step eGuide

    Raise worker's awareness on the risks associated with noise in the workplace to help take care of your hearing both on and off the job.

Where There Is Noise, VeriShield 100 Series Is The Answer

Potentially harmful levels of industrial noise can arise for hundreds of different reasons in a thousand different working environments. Our range of options offered ensures comfort and protection against any noise level, in every industry, for every worker.

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    Occupational Hearing Loss

    Increased awareness is key to prevention. Learn more about the 4 trends you should listen to.

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    VeriShield 100 Series Solutions

    Superior hearing protection in a lightweight design. Optimum comfort even over long periods of use.

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    Overcoming Hearing Objections

    Motivate workers to take responsibility for protecting their key and how to overcome the top 3 objections.

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