Keep Your Workers Safe During Turnarounds

Turnarounds or site shutdowns, planned or unplanned, pose a variety of risks to your workers – many of them invisible and gas-related. Honeywell, the global leader in gas detection, can provide you with the information and support you need to keep workers safe during turnaround season and the rest of the year.

Assess The Risk

Learn more about the risks and hazards during turnarounds to help you make the right decisions and select the right gas detection solutions for your crew.

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    WHITE PAPER: Seven Critical Safety Challenges of Oil & Gas Turnarounds
    Learn about the unique hazards and risks during turnarounds to keep your crew safe.

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    LISTICLE: Seven Critical Hazards Workers Face.
    Overview of the hazards you should be aware of during turnarounds.

Explore Our Solutions

Learn about our latest portable gas innovations.

  • VIDEO: Honeywell BW™ Solo: Latest Technology in Gas Detection
    Learn about the Honeywell BW Solo gas detector and how new innovations can help protect your crew.

  • VIDEO: MeshGuard Wireless Gas Detection for Oil and Gas
    Remotely monitor toxic gases using the most advanced gas detection technology and connected data systems.

Learn From The Experts In Gas Detection

  • The Honeywell Industrial Safety North America Gas Detection Product Application and Training Support team is committed to improving the competence and confidence of our customers by providing the highest quality application and sales training on our industry-leading gas detection products.

    Learn more about our US and Canada Fixed and Portable Open Enrollment courses.

    Download the 2019 Training Brochure.

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Ask The Expert. Ask Honeywell.

Do you have questions about gas detection or need advice about which of our solutions can help you protect your crew and assets? We’re here to help. Find out more by contacting a Honeywell gas detection expert today.