In King’s, we believe that safety footwear should primarily offer 3 essential features. Firstly, they should provide protection from feet injury and slip. Secondly, they should provide comfortable experience for foot and physical health. Finally, lasting sturdiness for cost efficiency.

Different industries and applications demand different requirements of safety footwear. For safety managers working in construction, general industry, transportation & logistics, manufacturing, mining, oil & gas or utilities, the King’s Comfort Range offers superior comfort and quality safety footwear that meets the necessary safety and health requirements of your industry.

* Product will be available in Indonesia at a later date. 


What makes the Comfort Range unique?

Find out how King’s Comfort Range could help to keep your workers protected while ensuring all day comfort and durability.

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The Comfort Range

Footwear Features

Discover the King’s Comfort Range.

What makes the Comfort Range different.

Tips to Choose the Right Safety Footwear

Safety Footwear Care Tips


It is important to keep your workers protected and productive at all time especially at hazardous job site. Learn more on how to look for safety footwear that best fit your requirements and when you should get a replacement.

Choosing the right safety footwear is not enough. A good footwear care is essential for durability support. Find out the footwear care tips here.

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