Making safest choices with edge-tested Personal Fall Protection Equipment

The risks of working at height are obvious, but the dangers of ineffective Personal Fall Protective Equipment are harder to spot. Reliable edge tested equipment is essential to ensure the safety of workers at height and close to edges. Honeywell has a range of useful publications to help you make the safest choices while offering you a comprehensive range of products to protect your employees to the optimum.

Are your workers edges ready?

Learn about edge related risks, keep up to date with the latest regulations and make the safest choices.


Reducing edge-related risks

Keep up-to-date with the latest regulations

Expert guidance on your PFPE choices

A White Paper addressing the risks of working near edges and the use of PFPE to help keep your workers safe

A comprehensive technical guide to the latest Personal Fall Protection Equipment regulations to help you stay compliant

An eGuide to help you make the right PFPE choices for safety and peace of mind.

Discover protection that extends beyond the edge

Honeywell Miller range was the first to respond to industry demand by proposing a complete range of edge-tested products, to provide versatility, reliability and maximum safety in various applications


Falcon Edge self-retracting cable lifeline

Turbolite Edge self-retracting webbing lifeline

Rope Grab

Designed for edge applications with an edge radius of ≥ 0.5 mm, this durable SRLs range provide protection in applications that require anchoring at foot level.

Designed for performance in edge applications with an edge radius of ≥ 0.5 mm, the TurboLite Edge offers versatility, enhanced user mobility and maximum safety

NEW! Light and industry-proven, the new rope grab prevents workers from falling during ascent or descent for both vertical and horizontal applications.

Taking the edge off falls from height

  • Taking workers safety to the edge

    It’s safe to say – you are safer than ever with Honeywell Miller edge-tested solutions

  • Why edge test your PPE?

    Discover why it is so important to use edge-tested solutions when working at the edge

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