“We needed very small and accurate board mount pressure sensors. The competitor products we examined couldn’t come close to TruStability, especially in performance, size, and cost.”

Dr. David M. Birch, Director of Research
Surrey Sensors Ltd. (SSL); Guildford, Surrey, United Kingdom

Now, SSL uses Honeywell TruStability RSC Series sensors to design and manufacture bespoke, cost-competitive measurement products for a wide range of sectors including Formula 1/motorsport, avionics, UAVs (unmanned air vehicles), healthcare, commercial agriculture, and elite sport in the CAEF’s rapid manufacturing, PCB fabrication, precision machining, and advanced prototyping facilities. SSL now has the capability to take a measurement problem, identify a solution, develop requirements, create product concepts, and conduct short-run production, all inhouse.

SSL needed pressure sensors that function more accurately at the bottom of the low pressure range, as well as at much higher pressures – TruStability offers both.

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