Choosing the right cut-protective gloves for your specific application can be tough. Luckily, Honeywell CoreShield now makes tough choices into easy decisions. Innovative materials, technology and construction provide enhanced protection, comfort and durability. And colour coding makes it simple to choose by levels of cut-protection, dexterity, fitting and grip.

Cut Protection Has Never Been So Simple

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  • New standards for cut-protective gloves go hand-in-hand with changes to cut-resistance classifications and glove markings. Making sure you give your employees the protection they need, while maintaining their productivity and meeting your budget, can be complex.

    The Honeywell CoreShield cut-protective gloves brochure provides expert advice and guidance, so you can find the right glove for any job, quickly and easily. With Honeywell, simplified hand protection is at your fingertips.

Choosing Protection

Understand the importance of cut protection and how to make the right choice for any application.

  • Why Cut Risk Matters

    Improve your understanding of cut risks, and protect your workers better with a cost efficient glove plan from Honeywell.

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    4 Steps to Choosing Gloves

    Follow these 4 steps to choose the right cut-resistant gloves for protection level, comfort, breathability and more.

Cut Protection Hazards And Staying Protected With CoreShield

Selecting the wrong cut-protective glove may not only expose a worker to risk, it may also threaten the workplace with loss of production time, workers compensation costs and reduced confidence in the workplace safety from your employees. To overcome the challenges of an established Hand Protection progrem, Honeywell is introducing Honeywell CoreShield™ gloves to offer protection from cut hazards in almost any application. It's color-coded marking system makes it simple to choose the correct cut protection for the application according to ANSI and EN standards.

CoreShield hand protection are one of the lightest gloves available in the industry and includes:

  • Specially designed CoreShield™ Engineered Yarn and CoreShield™ High Performance Coating
  • Optimum cut protection without compromising on comfort and dexterity
  • Durable and washable, requiring less frequent replacement and thereby, reducing costs to an organization

Making Tough Choices Into Easy Decisions

When your workers’ safety is your responsibility, making the right decisions about cut risk protection can be tough. These useful resources give you the advice, information and support you need.

5 Questions You Need To Answer

Answer these 5 questions and you will be well on the way to selecting the right gloves for your application.

Making Cut Protection Simpler

This useful animation explains why CoreShield™ cut-protective gloves are so simple to choose, buy and wear.

The Importance of Cut Protection

Startling statistics about the risks and costs of hand injuries, across 8 typical industries, reveal the vital need for cut-protective gloves.

Hand protection that fits like a glove. Click here to learn the 4 easy steps to find the CoreShield™ product that your workers need.

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    Even a quick assessment of the everyday tasks in your industry will reveal numerous potential cut risks. But one style of cut-protective glove won’t meet all needs for all workers. That’s why it’s essential to find the right solution for your application. Request a sample and find out which solution works best for you.
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Find out more on our cut protection portfolio

Learn more about our cut-protection solutions by contacting a Honeywell representative. Honeywell specialists can guide you on the right choices for effective cut protection in any industry.