Hand injuries are a constant concern for anyone in heavy-duty environments like the oil and gas industry. But there is plenty you can do to protect your workers. Here are some helpful tools that you can use to choose the right safety gloves for your workers.

Revolutionized Hand Protection

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  • Safety managers, in heavy-duty industrial environments, deal with a multitude of safety matters. Workers face injuries to hands and fingers on a regular basis.

    We drew from customer experience, and feedback as well as our years of experience in the industrial workplace to develop the advanced protection of Rig Dog™.

    Whether you are looking to protect workers in oil and gas, mining, construction or other high-risk jobs, Rig Dog™ has a patented design that provides the comfort, heavy-duty protection and dexterity your team needs to work confidently and effectively.

Assess The Risk

Learn to assess the risks and choose the right hand protection devices for your workers.

  • Tips for Avoiding Hand injuries

    There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to hazards like handling oily substances, impacts from heavy metal parts, low-visibility conditions, and unintended material contact. Outlined here are crucial information and useful strategies to meet each unique challenge.

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    Understanding Hand Protection Standards

    Knowing and understanding how to comply with these standards and regulations is key to ensure workers in highly dangerous environments, can perform their jobs effectively while remaining safe and healthy

The Best Hands Need The Best Gloves, Choose Rig Dog

Workers at high-risk job sites need tough hand protection. Rig Dog™ gloves are uniquely engineered to provide serious safety and protection against impact, cut, and abrasion risks, plus, enhanced oil-grip. Rig Dog™ gloves are tough, but comfortable, keeping safety on the hands that need it most. With layers of protection and comfort, each of the Rig Dog styles provide a high level of impact protection per EN 388:2016. From Rig Dog™ Xtreme, Waterproof, and Mud Grip, Honeywell has the solution for you.

  • XTREME: Enhanced impact protection and comfort with superior grip for handling oily surfaces.
  • WATERPROOF: Protection of Xtreme with a water-resistant barrier offering protection and comfort in wet applications.  
  • MUD GRIP: Protection of Xtreme with an additional PU tread palm that squeegees thick oily mud from surfaces to grip more securely.

Safe In Hazardous Situations

See how Honeywell Rig Dog™ Gloves offer enhanced impact protection and comfort, keeping your workers safe in hazardous situations.

Awards Received

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What is the real cost of workplace injuries? Choosing the right safety gloves for the job, whether you work in oil and gas, construction, or the mining and railway industry, the stats on hand injuries are telling. Contact a Honeywell Industrial Safety representative. We have Honeywell specialists that can advise on protection solutions from head to toe.