Honeywell Miller® Fall Protection

Honeywell has been at the forefront of personal fall protection technology for 75 years.
Its Miller® range of personal fall protection equipment (PFPE) began protecting workers at height three decades before the industry was first regulated.
Meeting the highest safety standards, beyond pure regulatory compliance, remains at the heart of Honeywell’s mission, making sure it’s users are safe and get home at the end of the day.

Find out how we can become your trusted partner by offering you fit-for-purpose PFPE, as well as safety audits, training and hazard identification.

Honeywell at the forefront of personal fall protection technology

  • Innovating beyond standards and regulations remain at the heart of Miller expertise and creation of the comprehensive new products portfolio for more than seven decades.

Watch these videos on safety while working at height.

  • Protecting workers at height for 75 years

    Safety is important every second you're on the job site. Learn more about our expertise in fall protection

  • Making your job easier -  H500 harness 

    The revolutionary features of our new H500 harness make it the one workers will care to wear

Miller H500 Arc Flash harness

Work environments are different, and each one has its own safety needs. Stay compliant with fall protection regulations and keep your workers safe against arc flash risks when working at height with the Honeywell Miller H500 Arc Flash series.


H500 Arc Flash harness

With the awareness of arc flash risks increasing across many different industrials sectors, Honeywell has designed the Miller H500 Arc Flash series to self-extinguish quickly and prevent melting or dripping in the event of an arc flash.

360° Protection 

Keep workers safe against electrical hazards at height with the new Honeywell Miller H500 Arc Flash series. Watch the 360° video to learn about it's features and benefits

Arc Flash Test - ASTM F887

The Miller H500 Arc Flash harness and lanyard are ASTM F887 tested to ensure workers are protected from falls even after an arc flash of 40 cal/ cm². Watch the video to learn more

Beyond compliance - new generation safety harnesses

How to select a safety harness

Among the plethora of safety harnesses on the market, you would like to make the right choice your workers will be willing to use. Read our White paper to know more.

Beyond the risk of falling 

Falls are serious safety risks, but did you know 31.4% of non-fatal injuries in construction are due to overexertion?  Learn more on how the long-term effects of wearing a harness can be prevented.

From essential to ergonomic safety

How does the worker-centric approach revolutionized creation of the new safety harness to improve worker experience and compliance? Read our guide.

Safety Harness Inspection Guide

Is your safety harness safe ? Before donning your PPE, check our safety harness pre-use guidelines

Stay safe and keep it clean

Check our recommendations for the proper way to clean and disinfect Honeywell Miller® Fall Protection equipment.

Beyond compliance safety harness

NEW! Meet our new safety harness - Honeywell Miller® H500 Series, featuring key worker-centric values: ergonomic safety, usability, style and performance.



Commitment to your safety at height

Keep your workers safe with our ABCs – your new guide to the right technology selection keeping on the top of the compliance.

ABC Quick Reference Guide

Download this quick guide to staying safe at height for your workers.

ABC infographics

Check the infographics with 3 main steps in a fall arrest system.'

ABC eGuide

How to select the right technology staying compliant? Read our eGuide.

  • When the job takes you to the edge, depend on Miller!

    The risks of working at height are obvious, but the dangers of ineffective Personal Fall Protective Equipment are harder to spot.

    Download Honeywell’s materials to understand your obligations and make the right choices for optimum protection and compliance.


Quality Training at Our House or Yours

As a recognized leader in worker safety training, Honeywell trains thousands of workers annually - taught by certified, knowledgeable industry experts. Courses take place at customer locations and in our world-class training centers in Germany, France and UK.

It’s our mission to keep you educated on mandatory regulations and keep you compliant.


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