CDC and FDA Update (5/27/21): Healthcare facilities should add more NIOSH-approved N95s now and end crisis capacity strategy for respirators. 1,2,7,8

Now is the time to increase N95 inventory levels and help protect more clinicians with fluid-resistant N95 protection.

CDC recently updated its guidance for use of N95s. “Healthcare facilities should not be using crisis capacity strategies at this time and should promptly resume conventional practices,” reflecting the recent increase in available domestic supply of N95s. The CDC also stated “Healthcare facilities should stop purchasing non-NIOSH-approved respirators for use as respiratory protection… (and) should return to using only NIOSH-approved respirators where needed.”8

While the FDA is not yet rescinding the EUAs (emergency use authorizations) for N95 decontamination systems, the agency instructed healthcare facilities to: “Increase inventory of available NIOSH-approved respirators—including N95s and other FFRs” and to cease using non-NIOSH-approved imported respirators such as KN95s.2,7 “Even if you are unable to obtain the respirator model that you would prefer, the FDA recommends that you obtain and use a new respirator before decontaminating or bioburden reducing a preferred disposable respirator.”2

Other recent CDC updates advised the use of face masks to care for a patient with suspected or confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection should be avoided except as a last resort.1

To ensure clinicians are protected in every patient encounter where they face unknown risks, N95 respirators are now recommended by the CDC as the preferred respiratory protection.5

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  • NIOSH-approved N95 Respirators “offer the highest level of both source control and protection against inhalation of infectious particles.”— CDC5

    From Honeywell, the trusted brand in respiratory protection, NIOSH-approved Surgical N95 Respirators are available now. Now is the time to increase N95 inventory levels to equip more clinicians with access to N95 level protection for the clinical situations where needed.

    CDC and FDA Update (4/9/21): Add more N95s now. While the vaccine roll-out continues, variants of concern like B.1.1.7 are becoming more prevalent, and COVID cases are rising again in some areas…3,4

Daily PPE Calculator

Use this simple calculator to estimate daily N95 usage for specific patient care settings under various PPE protocols to determine your supply need.

* From Vanderbilt University Medical Center and Michigan Medicine’s The Covid Staffing Project.6


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