Working in demanding environments, such as automotive, construction, oil and gas, utilities, chemical industries and many others, involves the risk of inhaling harmful particles. Therefore, wearing a proper respiratory protection is crucial. Workers might change their masks regularly, but reliable respiratory protection is irreplaceable. The DC300 Series and DF300 Series N95 disposable respirators provide excellent safety and outstanding protection.

  • DF300/H910 N95 Disposable Respirator

    Engineered to promote easier breathing, the NIOSH approved DF300 Series Flatfold Disposable Respirators are made with a multilayered absorption media that repels moisture and features a smooth inner lining for added comfort.

  • DC300

    DC300/DC301 N95 Disposable Respirator

    Offered in a universal size, this form-fitted mask is designed to comfortably fit most facial shapes while providing outstanding respiratory protection.