Confined Space Safety: You're In The Right Place

Confined spaces pose a variety of risks to your workers - and many of them are invisible until it's too late. Honeywell are experts in confined space safety and can give you all the information, support and advice you need to protect your workers, plus the broadest range of personal protective equipment.

Keep your Workers Safe in Confined Spaces

Learn more about Confined Space risks

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    Infographic: Confined Space Dangers

    Must-know facts and figures about confined spaces

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    Listicle: 4 Confined Space Risks

    Four risks you should be aware of before entering a confined space

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    The Risks of Working in Confined Spaces

    A must-read whitepaper to help you correctly identify confined spaces, learn where they can be found and what makes them dangerous.

Confined Space: what's Your Duty of Care?

Know your responsibilities as an employer

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    Listicle: 5 Risk Assessment Must-Dos

    Five key steps to take when performing a confined space risk assessment

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    Animation: Do The Right Thing

    A handy animation on how to fulfill your duty of care to confined space workers and meet your legal obligations.

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    Technical Guide: Your Duty of Care

    This technical guide will help you understand and fulfil your duty of care to confined space workers in 5 simple steps.

Vital Protection

Discover the right protection for your workers in confined Spaces

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    eGuide: PPE for Confined Spaces

    Every confined space is unique and so are its risks. This eGuide will help you choose the right protection for your workers.

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    Products and Solutions for Confined Spaces

    Discover a selection of personal protective equipment for workers in confined spaces in our brochure

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    Discover a selection of personal protective equipment for workers in confined spaces in our video podcast.

Confined Space Training at Our House or Yours

Honeywell is proud to offer Confined Space training courses that will instruct your employees to work smarter, safer and more efficiently every day. To be contacted about Training, simply fill out the form.


Find out more about our Confined Space solutions by contacting a Honeywell representative

Honeywell has specialists that can provide guidance on Gas detection, Respiratory or Fall Protection for you.