Fall Protection has repeatedly made OSHA’s Top 10 Most Frequently Cited Violations. Take the time to
understand the fundamentals of fall safety from the Anchorage Point (A), Body Wear (B), and Connectors (C).
Additional topics discussed will include:

1) Leading edge work, what’s required when
2) Aerial manlifts
3) Scaffolds
4) Ladders


Robert Wengryn

Regional Fall Protection Safety Specialist

Speaker Bio: Bob Wengryn, Regional Fall Protection Safety Specialist for Honeywell Miller has been assessing, recommending, and implementing industrial fall safety programs for nearly 30 years. He has completed Competent Person, Confined Space and Confined Space Entry Training, along with an OSHA course in Construction Safety and Health. Bob been a featured speaker across multiple conferences from SIA, AIST Safety Conference, to ASSE chapters in WV, NY & PA, and the MASHA Safety Conference. Bob holds a Bachelor’s degree from Grove City College and resides in Pennsylvania.